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About Our Dance Music

Because USA Dance has a commitment to foster and develop social dancing for the
enjoyment of experienced dancers as well as dancers who are new to ballroom, we
strive to offer strict tempo dance music which provides the proper rhythm, melody,
underlying percussion pattern and consistent tempo throughout the recording which
are appropriate to the particular dance style. Music selection and its reproduction
quality must enable the dancer to easily discern its characteristics, especially beat
and tempo, so as to quickly determine the type and style of dance from anywhere on
the dance floor. Music amplitude should be consistent across the dance floor and be
uniformly maintained in the 75 to 85 dB range.

Dance Styles & Characteristics of our Dance Music
Preferred Tempo is listed in Beats Per Minute
Cha Cha4/4104-132|Rumba4/4112-136
Hustle4/4108-144|Swing EC4/4140-184
Jive4/4168-196|Swing WC4/4112-144
Paso Doble2/4112-124|Waltz3/490-110

To help you understand the musical characteristics of each dance
style, please refer to The Ballroom Music Training Center.

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